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 How many ? Where ? Why ?

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PostSubject: How many ? Where ? Why ?   Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:18 am

I'd like to know how many Trifoilers were built, Where they are (I never saw a real one...) and Why Hobie stopped buildint them ?

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PostSubject: Re: How many ? Where ? Why ?   Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:45 am

I have seen a picture of a sail number 400 so I would assume that at least 400 Trifoilers have been built.
Hobbie has probably stopped building them because they are not reliable and they don't make enough profit on them compare to an F18 cat ( Hobie sales man told me that)
1 in Nice ( currently for sale at 8000euros? Mr Venturini? Cat'assistance)
1 in Vannes ( mine but broken Crying or Very sad )
1 in La trinitée sur mer ( broken and under repair)
1 near Arcachon ( so I was told by a local dealer)
2 in Hyère ( Hobbie stock but uncomplete)
1 in Toulon ( uncomplete)

2 near Weymouth ( 1 is broken and second is used during Weymouth speedy week)

1 in Coppenhagen ( currently for sale at 7/8000euros, new paint)
1 TF3 in Coppenhagen

1 in a sailing club
2 near the Northen sea ( 1 is broken and used as spare parts for the second)

2 ( One was for sale on internet)
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PostSubject: Re: How many ? Where ? Why ?   Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:42 pm

400? No way. The number is about 200. Roughly speaking, the first 30 boats or so were built by Dan and Greg as the "Ketterman TriFoiler", then they merged with Hobie and built the remaining ~170 until ceasing production in 1999.

Where? Anybody's guess. Mostly North America, of course, but I know of boats in Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand in addition to the very interesting European list posted above. Dan's closest to anyone knowing where they all are, and he's long lost track. The boats change hands at the rate of a handful a year, so they gradually trickle out of sight.

Why? Because that's how it is. They kept it in production long enough to prove they could, and to get a solid fell for the volumes the market would consume. In the life of any product the manufacturer has to decide whether the market continues to justify the effort and expense needed to build and sell it, and after six years the TF lost. It's not surprising - it's an expensive,
complicated, specialty craft that not many people will want to commit to. And the scarcity makes it all the more special.

Jonathan Levine
TF#23 "Unfair Advantage"
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PostSubject: Re: How many ? Where ? Why ?   

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How many ? Where ? Why ?
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